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Do you ever just 'Zen Out' ??

'Zen Out';  'Zen-ing Out'

I know I do....all the time. I enjoy sitting at my desk and gazing outside at the beautiful weather and just 'zen-ing out'. It's great. It might not do so much for my productivity but it's great just to be able to 'chill' now and then :)  
Zen on, my friends.

Here's how WikiHOW defines it.......

verb / zen'ing / 'zen

: a deeper form of zoning out. In zoning out, you become absorbed with your own thoughts and inner world, but in Zenning Out you become totally absorbed with the world around you in an almost trance-like state.
The world around you looks or feels more real, substantial, and vivid. This can occur after one experiences a trauma, or after someone has purposely chosen to be more aware of their surroundings until the stimuli of the world builds up into a cathartic response within the person. You may also Zen out unexpectedly and it is a very wonderful experience.
Credit - wikiHOW coAuthored 


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