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Mini Car Air Purifier, Essential Oil Diffuser. Plugs Into Your Charger

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Durable & Portable Mini Aromatherapy Humidifier for Your Car.  Simply plug into your car charger.

Car Aromatherapy Humidifier - Enjoy Happiness on the Road

Do you often feel stuffy in you car? Try the world’s first car humidifier aromatherapy, combining aromatherapy essential oils (Sold Separately) and humidification together. Happiness on the road.

* Creative air aromatherapy humidifier car charger.
* Humidifies the air in the car and refreshes the quality of air we breathe
* Aromatherapy function, pleasant smell helps lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety
* 180 degree rotation, to adjust the direction of the vapor and make fully adjustable
* 2 hours power protection: After continuously working for 2 hours, it will cut off the power automatically.
* Material: ABS, PP and electronic components, anti-corrosion.

Easy to Use
1. Pour water into tank (Add your favorite essential oil if your going to diffuse)
2. Insert into car charging port
3. Choice between Humidifier or Diffuser

Package includes: 1x Humidifier 1x User Manual

1. Water soluble essential oils are preferable. Please DO NOT use greasy aroma oils
2. Cars must be running for you to use the unit. Please DO NOT use it when there is no liquid in the tank
3. When the mist becomes thinner, replace the sponge included in your package. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the atomizing plate. Do not use excessive force, since that may damage the atomizing plate.
4. The product is protected by the auto power-off function. After continuously working for 2 hours, it will cut off the power automatically. To use the humidifier again, simply turn on after adding more water.
5. When the product is not in use, please detach it, pour out all the liquid and store it in a cool, dry place.

* Water tank capacity: 50ML.
* Working voltage: DC 12V.
* Working current: 130mA - 150mA.
* Frequency: 1.5W - 2W.
* Spray volume: 25ML / hour.

Features: Auto shut off, Portable, Durable
Material : Plastic, ABS, Electronic components
Color : Purple, Blue, Green, Pink
Special function : Humidification, Aromatherapy, Purification Array

Package weight: 0.153 kg

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