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Really, FIFTY Percent of the Time?...

life's demands things to zen about Zen-ing Out

Can you even believe this?

Harvard researchers report that our minds wander, on average FIFTY percent of the time. That's a lot!

Honestly, it does seem to happen to me quite a bit. I can be working on something and all of a sudden I realize that I've been Zen-ing Out for the past 20 minutes. Or, at least I'm guessing it was 20 minutes, hard to tell really. I don't know if I even blinked during that time.

I've learned that there are actually apps to help control our wanderings, if we so choose. Not surprisingly, most distractors are digital - like this article for one <grin>, emails, tweets, etc. so to say there's an app (a digital distraction) for that is just weird. I had planned to disclose these super-focus-apps but my mind wandered. Maybe next time.

Wait. I'm back.

Chrome offers two free apps that will do this: Nanny for Google blocks off websites you might be tempted to visit, for whatever length of time you decide; StayFocusd (yep, spelled without an 'e') limits the amount of time (also set by you) you can spend in your inbox, on Facebook, or wherever else you might be tempted by.

In summary, we're busy people with lots of distractions, e.g. Zen-ing out, phone calls, shopping online and there's an app for that, for staying focused. There are many times though when I choose to let my mind wander. It's fun and if you're lucky enough it can even be part of your job. Like me for example, this writing is 'work' and my mind has most definitely wandered. And this for example....here are some shiny things if you'd like to take a little time for yourself <shameless sales plug>....go on, you deserve it.

  1. Shiny earrings
  2. Very cool leather bracelet
  3. Another shiny thing - Buddha has a shiny head
  4. Still yet, one last-chance shiny thing freshwater pearl bracelet

I think it's time for a spot of green tea <said with a lousy english accent>.

Never stop Zen-ing, my friend!


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